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Lottery Glossary of Terms – Casino Friends

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Advertised Jackpot: One of the most used terms in Lottery. The minimum jackpot amount that will be paid to the winner of the draw by the lottery is called the advertised jackpot.Annuity: Lotteries enable winners to collect their winnings in the form of installments. This is known as an annuity.Any Order: When players choose to match-winning digits in any order.Ball Draw Machine: A device that randomly draws balls that contain the winning numbers of the game.Bonus Ball: Another common lottery term. When the ball gets drawn from the second machine of the lotto game, it’s known as the bonus ball.Beneficiary: The heir who receives the lottery jackpot after the passing of the winner.Bonus Money: Also known as promotional money, this money can be used for participating in lottery events but not for withdrawing.Bonus Number: When a number is drawn in bonus to regularly drawn numbers, it’s known as the bonus number.Boxing: Some three-four digit lottery games render the opportunity to players to play more digits than the usual.Box Bet: Box bet is one of the common lottery phrases that’s used widely. It is a type of bet that gives an opportunity to players to place bets and win by matching digits in any possible order instead of the exact order.Bundle: The bundle includes personal entry as well as shares in the syndicate.Cash for Life: Cash for life is a lottery game that involves prize payments that are made yearly, monthly as well as weekly in installments.Cash Option: The cash option enables players to take the jackpot in a single one-time payment instead of an annuity.Claim Center: A place where all the lottery players can get their tickets checked and collect the prize.Claim Process: The paperwork or procedure that’s carried out when a player wins the jackpot.Cold Numbers: Numbers that get selected rarely are known as cold numbers.Combination Bet: When a player selects straight bet and boxed bet, it’s known as combination bet.Daily Game: Lottery games in which a draw takes place every single day are called daily games.Digit Games: The number games are also known as digit games.Double: Three to four digit numbers containing the same number pair are known as double.Double-Double: When a four digit number comes with two doubles or with two pairs of the same numbers.Draw: One of the most common words associated with Lottery. Lottery results are known as draws.Entry: A lottery ticket is also known as an entry.Estimated Jackpot: The jackpot that could be less or even more than the jackpot that has been advertised. The value could fluctuate depending on the sales of tickets.Exact Order: As the name suggests, exact order is a betting option in which the player is required to match his numbers with the winning numbers in exact order.Exotic Game: The lottery games that use non-standard winning conditions.Exotic Numbers: A combination of unusual, strange or uncommon numbers is known as exotic numbers.Fixed Jackpot: The jackpots that cannot be changed or altered in size are known as fixed jackpots.Fixed payouts: Another common term in the lottery glossary The prize amounts that do not change irrespective of the number of tickets sold.Guess Range: Players are provided a series of numbers from which players can select the lottery numbers. This is known as guess range.Group Play: A syndicate or a pool is also known as a group play.Hot Numbers: Numbers that are frequently drawn over a particular period of time.Instant Games: Games where players get to know their results instantly.Jackpot: The final prize in lottery games is also known as a jackpot.Jackpot Cap: The maximum amount of the total jackpot is known as the jackpot cap.Lottery: Game, where winning numbers are drawn on a random basis for various prizes of diverse amounts, is known as a lottery.Lottery Draw: The process through which the winning numbers are drawn is known as a lottery draw.Lottery Messenger Services: The third-party service that operates independently that buys lottery tickets on the behalf of the player.Lottery Operators: The organization that administers or operates lottery games. These organizations are either governmental or corporations that are licensed by the government.Lump Sum: The large amount of money that’s paid to the winner in one single payment is known as lump sum.Lotto: Lotto is a type of lottery game.Match: When the drawn number matches the number on the player’s ticket, it is known as a match.Multiplier: Multiplier is an extra feature in which an extra number gets drawn to increase the payout and the number is added to the ticket of the player.Multi-Draw: Lotteries consisting of a number of draws is known as multi-draw.Multi-draw Packages: The packages that contain a set of lottery tickets that can be pre-ordered.Multi-jurisdictional: Lottery games that are played in more than one jurisdiction are known as multi-jurisdictional.No Match Numbers: A number consisting of 3- digits, without any doubles, triples, or doubles-doubles.Outstanding Numbers: Another common term in the lottery terminology. The numbers have not been drawn for a long time. These are also known as overdue numbers.Pari-Mutuel: When the prize is divided among the players that hold tickets with the same numbers.Progressive Jackpot: As the name suggests, the jackpot, the value of which increases when no player comes forth with the winning ticket.Payout: The total cash prize received by the player is known as payout. This can include non-monetary as well as monetary awards.Prize Pool: The prize that’s shared by the lottery winners is known as the prize pool.Quick Pick: A feature in which a computer terminal randomly generates a player’s lottery ticket numbers.Random Number Generator: A computer software or program that draws number sequences for lottery draws.Reintegro: Spanish lotteries consist of refund numbers that are also known as reintegro.Responsible Gamblings: Lottery operators are required to educate their customers about the amount of money and time they should be spending on the online lottery platform. This is known as responsible gambling.Rollover: Common term in the list of lottery terminology. When the jackpot is rolled over when numbers on the tickets do not match the drawn numbers.Scratched Card: The numbers are concealed with a layer that must be scratched off to reveal them.Secondary Prize: All prizes that are below the main jackpot are known as secondary prizes.Shares: The equal parts of the jackpot that are divided among the syndicate members are known as shares.Subscription: The option that’s provided to the player that allows him to enter various lottery draws.Syndicate: A group of players that play the lottery together while sharing the cost. When the syndicate wins, the prize is divided among the players equally.System: System is a formal method that’s used by players to buy several tickets at once to increase their chances of winning.Terminal: The electronic devices used for printing tickets, managing payouts and checking results.Triple: When the same digit gets repeated three times in a three-four digit number is known as a triple.Unclaimed Numbers: The winning ticket that has not been claimed by any player.Underdrawn Numbers: The cold numbers or overdue numbers are also known as underdrawn numbers.Validation: When any player wins a lottery, the tickets are validated to confirm the winnings. This process is known as validation.Wager: A bet is also known as a wager.

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